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Adult and Child Services

Dentistry in Takoma Park

Modern dentistry, as performed by our compassionate staff, makes keeping healthy, attractive teeth for your lifetime a reality. Whether you want to improve your smile, replace loose or missing teeth, eliminate bad breath or treat gum disease, Paramount Dental Care staff will work with you to give you a natural, healthy smile. Quality, comfort and state-of-the-art dentistry is what Paramount Dental promises --- and delivers! Our team can provide the services you need. As its never too early to obtain Dental Care, our service cover multiple ages from dentistry for children (Pediatric Dentistry) to adults around Takoma Park and surrounding areas

Oral examinations                                                   Breath disorder treatment 
Cancer screening Pediatric Dentistry
X-Rays  Veneers 
Cosmetic procedures  Whitening 
Crowns  Bridges
Dentures Preventive Dentistry 
Tooth colored fillings  Gum disease testing