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Root Canal Pain Therapy

A root canal therapy, is a procedure in which access to the hollow interior of the tooth (the "pulp") is made, in order to remove inflamed, infected or non-living nerve and blood vessel tissue. The root canals are disinfected, enlarged and hermetically sealed to the root tips with a rubbery filling material. Finally, the access hole into the tooth is filled with any of the available filling materials (usually at a separate appointment). Root canal pain is normally alleviated post procedure. Here at Paramount Dental Care, our root canal dentist and staff take care in ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible during any of the procedures. Whether the procedure is done here in our Takoma Park location or a separate referred site, we ensure that our patience receive the best dental care.

Root canals are performed to save the natural tooth. In spite of the many advanced restorations available, most dentists agree that there is no substitute for healthy, natural teeth. A major cause of inner tooth damage is bacterial infections. Oral bacteria is the most common cause of endodontic problems. Bacteria invade the totth pulp through tiny fissures in the teeth caused by tooth decay or injury. The resulting inflammation and bacterial infection jeopardizes the affected tooth and may cause severe pain and an abscess to form. Some signs and symptoms of an endodontic problem include; inflammation and tenderness of the gums, teeth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks, tenderness while biting, tooth discoloration and unexplained spontaneous pain in the nearby lymph node.