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Emergency Dentist

Paramount Dental Care

Chinatu Ego-Osuala, DDS

Dentist located in Takoma Park, MD

Accidents and biting into food that’s too hard are the most common causes of dental emergencies involving cracked, broken, and dislodged teeth. Because untreated dental emergencies often result in serious complications, it’s important to call, make an appointment online, or visit Dr. Chinatu Ego-Osuala at Paramount Dental Care in Takoma Park and Silver Springs, Maryland as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist Q & A

What is an emergency dentist?

Dr. Ego-Osuala offers emergency dentistry when you’ve been hit in the face or suffer from any trauma to your mouth that requires immediate treatment to save a tooth, stop bleeding, or alleviate severe pain. This could include loose teeth, swelling in your mouth or face, and bulges or knots on your gums.

What should you do when you need an emergency dentist?

It’s best to see Dr. Ego-Osuala for emergency dentistry within a half hour of the accident. While waiting, several steps can help improve your outcome:

Knocked-Out Tooth

To improve the chances of Dr. Ego-Osuala reinserting the tooth:

  • Refrain from touching any tooth roots
  • Rinse your tooth gently and try not to remove any attached tissue
  • Gently place your tooth back into its socket, and carefully bite down to hold it in place
  • If your tooth won’t go back in place, put it in a container, covered with milk and a lid

Loose Tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out of alignment, try to shift it back in position and then bite down to keep your tooth from moving until Dr. Ego-Osuala stabilizes it.

Chipped, Cracked or Fractured Teeth

Without pain, chipped teeth aren’t dental emergencies. However, you still need to be careful while eating so that the chip doesn’t worsen.

Dr. Ego-Osuala considers cracks and fractures to be emergencies since these often suggest damage to both the inside and outside of your tooth. Be sure to:

  • Rinse your mouth gently and thoroughly with warm water
  • Apply cold compresses to minimize swelling
  • Take acetaminophen to alleviate pain (other over-the-counter pain medications interfere with blood clotting)

Tissue Injury and Facial Pain

If an accident results in a puncture wound, a cut, or tear to the lower half of your face, including your lips, cheeks, mouth, or tongue, clean the area immediately with warm water. Then, apply pressure to control your bleeding. Acetaminophen helps alleviate any pain associated with your injury.

How do you stay prepared for a dental emergency?

If you or a loved one needs an emergency dentist, it’s best to be prepared and try not to panic. A small dental first aid kit with the following also helps:

  • Closable container
  • Acetaminophen
  • Gauze
  • Handkerchief or small towel

If you’ve had an accident and need an emergency dentist, call Paramount Dental Care in Takoma Park, Maryland to avoid complications.